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About Me!

Hi, I am Sharon and welcome to Forever Fitness.  I am an Exercise Specialist instructor who has worked in the Fitness Industry for a lot of years, and has helped hundreds of people just like you to enjoy exercise.  My main interest's are the benefits of exercise, around recovery of illness's and injuries, with specific knowledge in Cancer, Stroke Recovery, and Falls Prevention.

Fitness and Exercise is forever and for everyone what ever your experience, fitness level or medical conditions, I will and can help you improve your health and well being.

Fitness and Health is my life and passion, but so is chocolate and my three (grown- up!) children.  Get in touch for a chat and we will see what we can achieve together.

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Class Descriptions


 Pilates is a range of movements standing and floor based, designed to exercise and stabilise your body, strengthening the core muscles and mobilising joints. It can help improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility as well as relieving stress and aches and pains.

Pilates is safe and progressive for all abilities, medical conditions and injures.

Class Times

Tuesday 6pm (45 minutes)

Friday 9.30am (45 minutes)


Low Impact Interval Training - LIIT

This class is for anyone who wants to train hard, but without the bounce, ideal if you are a beginner, recovering from an illness or injury, going through the menopause and is joint friendly - Lots of Fun!

Class Times

Tuesday (30 minutes)


Strength & Tone

A class to build strength and tone your whole body, using Hand Weights with different training methods in this functional class, suitable for all abilities, lots of options.

Class Time

Monday (30 minutes)

Wednesday  8am (30 minutes)

Friday 8am plus Core (45 minutes)

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Exercise and Cancer

Cancer will affect 1 in 2 people and research has shown that being physically active has a positive impact on people who are on a cancer journey.  In some countries exercise is now considered as part of a patient's treatment.  Physical activity at different stages of a cancer journey and some of the benefits are -

Pre-Treatment - improved fitness for surgery, fewer postoperative complications, better tolerance to further treatments.

During Treatment - helps with better managing cancer related fatigue, Improved management of side effects of treatment, maintenance of cardio-respiratory fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, support for mental health and quality of life, reduces risk of lymphodema.

After Treatment - helps with the management of long term side effects of treatment, support recovery of fitness and function, reduce the likelihood of recurrence, improves body image and joint pain.

I am a CanRehab Trained instructor and part of the 

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Forever Fitness Online Studio Timetable

All classes are via Zoom - link is sent out each week

Monday - 8am Strength & Tone

Tuesday - 8am LIIT, 6pm Pilates

Wednesday -8am Strength & Tone

Friday - 8am Strength Tone & Core, 9.30am Pilates

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"Thanks Sharon, I really enjoy the Standing Pilates, It really helps me to stretch out the sore muscles from badminton last night"

"After having surgery recently, I found the WalkFt a great way to start to return to exercising.  The instruction was good and precise and the session was enjoyable"



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